Crafting Opportunities for a Better Future

Businesses have a huge influence on the future. The good news is that every change will not only be good for the business but also humanity.

Meet Liwa Supriyanti

Many enterprises and entrepreneurs tend to communicate a clear purpose. However, only a portion of these companies and individuals truly live and breathe these goals, and link these purposes to bettering the future. If there is one thing that I want to achieve in the long run, it would be to reshape the way businesses are designed by articulating a clear purpose that can inform the highest level of decision-making. With my business having already established itself as the leading steel trading company in Indonesia, I aim to connect sustainable development, social responsibility, and female leadership with enduring commercial success. Follow my journey towards a future in which a common goal and purpose influence the culture and value of organisations, and individuals, for the betterment of the wider society.


It cannot be denied that there is an urgent need for the world to develop a more sustainable path. To effectively respond to global challenges such as poverty and unemployment, businesses have a critical role to play in mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change. In the coming years, sustainability will be my primary consideration for all business strategies. In addition, individual efforts to live sustainably is just as important. Through actionable goals, we can protect the collective future of our planet.

Social Responsibility

Just like sustainability, more business leaders are coming to understand that their responsibilities go beyond maximising profits for stakeholders. Given the ideal of “shared value”, social responsibility encourages contributing to the well-being of the people, the planet and the society at large. Together, by embracing social responsibility, we can act in a socially responsible way to actively make the world and society a better place.

Women in Business

The trend towards women in leadership is on the rise. However, inspirational female entrepreneurs and businesswomen should not be a “trend”, but rather a norm. As a woman myself, let’s explore how these invaluable trailblazers and innovative women in the steel industry and beyond are combating gender stereotypes and championing the cause of a more prominent female presence in the workplace.

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