about the author

Buk Liwa Supriyanti

Hello there, I am Buk Liwa Supriyanti! Many of you might know me as the Director of Gunung Prisma, and a strategic leader who works closely with key regional figureheads and global thought leaders. Other than coming up with strategies and initiatives to help achieve the vision and mission of Gunung Prisma, one of the largest trading companies in Indonesia, I have focused my efforts on building a future for local communities and making a strong presence as a woman in an already competitive field.


Having stepped into the Chemical & Steel Trading industry years ago, I’ve been on an interesting journey of discovery and exploration. And as I, Buk Liwa Supriyanti, carve a path for the generations to come, working at Gunung Prisma has given me the privilege of meeting and exchanging ideas with leaders who also believe that an authentic purpose is one that is demonstrated through the efforts and actions of their business. As a purpose-led entrepreneur, my approach to business is to always influence the culture and values of an organisation so that individual and collective behaviours can lead to the betterment of everyone.

The Path I Aim to Carve

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about ensuring collective action to protect our future, it’s that beyond entrepreneurs who rule the boardroom at big-name companies, the world needs powerhouse leaders that understand the needs of the masses. While many might assume that playing a positive role in society is done at the cost of financial outcomes, a genuine commitment to sustainability, responsibility and societal benefits often suffices. When prominent figures like myself prioritise social impact and have it enshrined in the purpose of their business model, we can benefit both our business and the world.

Giving back to the community is at the heart of what I do and what I work hard for. With my deep knowledge and thorough understanding of the world of business gained through my experience at Gunung Prisma, I intend to leverage my influence and connections to bring about change that endures well into the future.